App screens are images your customers see on your Apple Store and Google Playstore landing page.

We will go over how to create and upload your own app screens with Orda.

  1. Have two app screenshots saved to your computer in png format.

One option is to download the two screenshots from your Orda Dashboard -> Publish -> Camera icon. Click the download button next to each screenshot to download them.

As you build your mobile ordering app with Orda and Square, here is a list of resources that may be helpful for you.

How To Build Your Mobile Ordering App

Watch this Video:

How To Edit Mobile App Settings

How To Create Your Marketing Strategy

Orda created an easy-to-use dashboard so you can edit your iOS/Android mobile ordering app anytime.

This guide will cover how to edit your mobile ordering app settings, including:

  • 1. App Details
  • 2. Theme
  • 3. Catalog
  • 4. Locations
  • 5. App Marketplace
  • 6. Orda Billing and Subscription Type

We will also review how to Publish Updates. You will need to publish your update anytime you change your settings.

Log In To Your Orda Dashboard

Go to

Click Sign In in the top right and log in.

1. Edit App Details

Click General on the left.

Edit the information that will show in the iOS and Android app stores. You can change:

As an Orda mobile ordering app member, you can change subscription type, add new locations, or update payment method. We will review how in this guide.

First, go to

Click Sign In in the top right and log in.

Change Subscription Type

  1. Go to Billing on the left, then Open Billing Portal.

Square Loyalty will be an important part of your growth when you build your mobile ordering app in Orda.

Your customers will be able to log in to or join your loyalty program. They will redeem your loyalty rewards.

In this guide, we will review why Square Loyalty is a must for your mobile ordering app. Then we will review how to enable Square Loyalty.

Why is Square Loyalty a must for your mobile ordering app?

  1. Automatic Marketing: When customers opt in to your Square Loyalty program with their phone number, they get an SMS to download your mobile ordering app. …

Push notifications lets you stay connected with your loyal customers.

When you send a push notification, every customer who has downloaded your mobile ordering app with Orda gets a message from you on their phone.

Push notifications are an opportunity to update customers about new menu items, discounts and promotions, and any updates you’d like to share with your community.

This guide will cover how to send a push notification with Orda.

Send A Push Notification

  1. Go to

2. Click Sign In in the top right and log in.

3. Go to Apps on the left. Under Push Notifications, click Settings.

This guide will review how to enable deliveries and optionally Postmates in your mobile ordering app with Orda.

Postmates does deliveries for businesses in many cities in the United States. If you are unsure if Postmates is in your area, you can contact Postmates Support. For members in Australia, Canada and the UK: Orda is working on getting delivery partnerships for you as quickly as possible!

To enable deliveries, but NOT Postmates: Follow Step 1 and 4 below.

To enable deliveries AND Postmates: Follow every step below.

Step 1. Enable deliveries for each location in Orda

  1. Go to

2. Click Sign In in the top right and log…

We know how much effort and hard work you put into your business. We are empowered to hear all the stories about business owners creating amazing customer experiences in their neighborhoods.

We work diligently to publish ordering apps to the Google Play and App Store, so you can reach more customers and give them a convenient way to place orders with you.

We wanted to share a few apps we released this week and the stories behind them.

Some Featured Apps published this week

TAP NYC is an amazing story of a business that was founded with one simple philosophy: to bring to the American market…

You can now build your own branded mobile ordering app in 5 minutes.

With Orda, you get your own iOS and Android mobile app integrated with Square. Your customers will download your mobile app on their phones so they see your brand every day on their home screens.

You can send push notifications to stay on customers’ minds. Your Square Loyalty program is automatically integrated so customers can join your program and get rewards.

In this guide, we will cover the easy step-by-step process of launching your own mobile ordering app integrated with Square.

Build Your App


Enter your website URL…

Having a branded mobile ordering app is a MUST for businesses now. Creating your app is essential and a great way to reach your customers since everyone is using a smartphone these days.

After you have decided to create a mobile ordering app for your business, you start to wonder how to get your app built. Should you use a mobile app builder or hire developers?


Hiring a developer is expensive. The average app costs around $100,000 to develop when you hire your own developers.

This cost is reduced to under $99/month per location with Orda, mobile app builder that…

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