8 Tips for Marketing Your Mobile Ordering App

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4 min readMar 28, 2021


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Marketing Your Mobile App

You probably asked yourself: “Does my business need a branded mobile app?.” Well, now more than ever. As your customers’ needs change, your digital presence is essential.

Your iOS/Android mobile ordering app unlocks a daily marketing opportunity on your customers’ phones. You grab real estate on home screens without losing 30%+ in commissions to third party apps.

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, you need to be one step ahead of everyone else. So, you need an effective marketing strategy to attract your customers to download your branded mobile ordering app.

How do you bring traction with your own app?

Branded mobile ordering app builder Orda has seen what works for the Square community. In this post, we will review 8 tips for marketing your mobile ordering app.

Offer digital discounts

Most businesses nowadays have loyalty programs where they give discounts to loyal customers. If you want to attract more customers, time-sensitive digital coupons and promotions are effective.

When you build your mobile ordering app with Orda, it is automatically integrated to Square POS and Loyalty so your customers can join your program and redeem rewards on their phone.


1. Instagram Posts and Influencers

Posting about your app on Instagram can help spread the word about your convenient mobile ordering. Hiring an Instagram influencer can help you attract new customers to your app.

2. Email

By creating an email marketing campaign for your mobile ordering app, you can easily reach your target audience. Including a discount helps drive customers to download your app and place an order on their phone.

3. SMS

SMS marketing is another great way to get your customers to notice you have developed a branded ordering app. With 99% open rates, SMS messages get your app right in front of your customers. You can text customers discounts to drive them to download your app.

4. Button on your website “Download App” — (Smart banners)

Another way of promoting your branded mobile ordering app is with smart banners. By adding a “Download our app” smart banner on your website, anyone who visits your website can become a user on your mobile app. Your customers will be keen to have an app for your business on their phone instead of opening your website over and over again.

5. Google Adwords

App campaigns allow you to promote your app on Google search, Google Play, YouTube, Gmail, and other apps. People in your targeted locations will see your ads so they discover your business on their phone.

6. PR/Local Newspapers or Media

PR is an essential part of every marketing strategy and it is important to get your PR in front of your community. Also, for a branded mobile ordering app it is great if you can promote it through the local newspaper or media.

7. In-Store Posters — QR Code

QR codes on your store walls and counters connect your customers to your branded mobile ordering app. If used in the right way, QR codes will get you more downloads daily. By placing in- Store Posters with a QR code, you will encourage your regular and potential customers to download your app.

8. Train your cashiers to tell customers to download your app

Your cashiers are in direct contact with your customers. When you have a branded mobile ordering app, it is important to train your cashiers and get them familiar with your app so they can share the information with your customers. As well, they will be able to hook customers to your app so they will visit your store more often.

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