Enable Deliveries and Postmates in Orda

This guide will review how to enable deliveries and optionally Postmates in your mobile ordering app with Orda.

Postmates does deliveries for businesses in many cities in the United States. If you are unsure if Postmates is in your area, you can contact Postmates Support. For members in Australia, Canada and the UK: Orda is working on getting delivery partnerships for you as quickly as possible!

To enable deliveries, but NOT Postmates: Follow Step 1 and 4 below.

To enable deliveries AND Postmates: Follow every step below.

Step 1. Enable deliveries for each location in Orda

  1. Go to https://getorda.com

2. Click Sign In in the top right and log in.

3. Click Locations on the left.

4. You will see the locations you configured in Square.

5. For each location, click the Edit icon. If you do not see the location address, you must add the address in the Square Dashboard.

6. Enable Delivery.

7. Click Save.

8. Repeat #5–7 for every location.

Step 2. Get account data from Postmates

Now you will get data from Postmates that is needed to connect your account to Orda.

  1. Do you already have a Postmates account?

YES — In a different browser tab, log in to your Postmates account.

NO Create a Postmates account.

2. Go to the Postmates Dashboard -> Developer -> General.

You will need to copy the API key and Customer ID on this page to Orda.

Step 3. Connect Postmates to Orda

  1. Open your Orda dashboard in a separate browser tab.

2. Click Apps on the left.

3. Under Postmates Integration, click Settings.

4. Enter the following:

  • API key: Copy and paste the Production API Key from your Postmates Dashboard -> General -> Developer
  • Customer Id: Copy and paste the Customer ID this from your Postmates Dashboard -> General -> Developer
  • (Optional) Extra Delivery Fee: Enter the amount you want to charge customers for a delivery. For example, 3.99
  • (Optional): Minimum Order: Enter the minimum dollar amount customers must spend to have a delivery. For example 15
  • Delivery Radius (miles): Enter how many miles you want to deliver. For example 1
  • Production should be enabled

5. Click Save. Now, after completing the next step all your deliveries will automatically be sent to Postmates.

Step 4. Publish Orda Update

Now that you’ve enabled deliveries and optionally added Postmates, you need to publish your update in Orda.

  1. Click Publish on the left, then click Add Version in the top right.
  2. Enter your name and comments. For example, comments can be “Enabled deliveries and Postmates.”

3. Click Save.

Congrats, your customers will now be able to place a delivery order in your mobile ordering app! You will see the delivery orders in Square where you normally see your online orders.

If you enabled Postmates, your deliveries will show in your Postmates dashboard. Your customers will be able to track their delivery in your app.

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